Our expertise allows us to conduct a number of types of audits to ensure our customer’s quality improvement and cost-effectiveness. In today’s maritime industry, safety and security are given the highest priority among anything onboard a ship. The ISM code has become the backbone of shipboard operations. So also, is the ISPS code in ensuring the security of the ship staff, vessel, and cargo and so on.


DOECL carries out the ISM, ISPS and MLC audits to ensure compliance with the company’s safety and security procedures. These audits also help in bringing about more awareness to the ship’s top management about the various company procedures and hence ensuring the ship remains safe and secure in all aspects. The audit findings can be presented in a company-specific format or in or forms for review by the operator’s top management. Our audits/expertise also attend to the external (by Flag / Class) audits to help the ship’s staff in preparing and conducting the audit in a smooth manner.


We offer MLC verification audits services locally – based, so operators can save travel expenses to their in-house auditors. We can audit the system following our own procedures or can adapt to the operator’s audit procedures, guidelines and templates.
ISM Internal Audits can be carried out in any port in Nigeria and West Africa.

MLC verification audit on board

We can attend any type of ship or vessel, to carry out MLC verification audits. The MLC Convention covers the following areas:
• Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship
• Conditions of employment
• Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering
• Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection
• Compliance and enforcement

Harmonised Internal Audits

Along with MLC verification Audits on board, we offer harmonised Internal Audits of the ISM System and the ISPS. The benefits of harmonised audits are:
• Reduction of frequency of audits
• Effective utilisation of time and personal resources
• Minimising operational disturbance
• Better acceptance by ship’s staff

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